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Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
The Mortician
Friday The 13th 8: Jason Takes Manhattan Well, though subtitled "Jason Takes Manhattan" this one should have been called "Jason Takes The Love Boat", because most of the movie takes place on a teen cruise ship!

Revived again by electricity, Jason hops aboard a luxury cruise ship full of teens headed from Crystal Lake to, er, New York...a most plausible journey (cough, cough).

Teens and teachers bicker, there's some sex and mild nudity as Jason hacks his way through the cast. Kane Hodder saves this one with his bold and angry performance as the killer. It's always fun to watch him size people up and react to things around him (especially modern day conveniences which he's seeing for the first time!).

A priceless scene happens after the ship sinks and survivors float to NY (with Jason following underwater!). Jason faces a giant billboard with a hockey mask and hits the mean streets of NY...

The New York City scenes are fun, but too short. Jason murders some drug dealers and knocks a karate boy's head clean off (great audience reaction when I saw this in the theater!). There's a nice subway chase and some other cool gags, but overall, this one was kind of disappointing with the silly plot and the ending where Jason turns back into a little boy (?) because, toxic waste?

Kane Hodder makes the movie, though, so I'd recommend it to Jason fans! The man simply gives the role his all!

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